Jovian Chronicles

Getting Sticky

Following their unusual encounter on V8, the SCS Carabas departs for the larger asteroid colony of Denin Prime. En route Alban Tinwright informs the crew that they will have a shore leave, during which any who wish to depart the vessel may. The reason for this that the Carabas will be pursuing the imposter SCS Ship. During that time Albin requests that Ivan Trench also seek out any contacts he might have. Nicholai Lorgalis is contacted by his parents who request a meeting with him at his pleasure. Nicholai informs them he will be on Denim Prime and they arrange to meet at the Cat Call.

A Beginning

Nicolai, Orin and Ivan meet each other at a bar on the SCS Carabas.
Orin is directed by the captain of the ship, Alban Tinwright, to locate other able-bodied members to oversee. As the Solar Cross ship approaches asteroid V8 they notice another unmarked Solar Cross ship leaving the planetopid. Upon landing almost all of the inhabitants are either dead or gone. It is not clear why, and there are no records. They find a little girl in a closet. They also find the occasional blood smear. Niccolai searches the rooms and finds some things of interest.


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