Orin Bryce

Patriot, Combatant, and Medic...


Profession: Medic (Former Exo-Pilot)
Rank: Captain (Former)
Nationality: Jovian
Unit: Gamma Division (Former)

Eye Colour: Hazel
Hair Colour: Light Brown
Height: 183cm (72")
Weight: 86.2kg (190lbs)
Handedness: Right


Orin Bryce, was raised in a typical jovian fashion, and thus was highly patriotic. His parents were both former JAF who took advantage of the higher education serving offered them. His father, Thalon, continued to serve in the JAF until his retirement age and his mother, Adij went on after serving in the JAF to become a Doctor until her retirement as well. The fact that Orin is both a former Exo-Pilot, as well as a trained medic is no coincidence.

He revered and respected his parents, although Thalon was not an Exo-Pilot, Orin found his calling as one after watching many ExoBall games, and being a dedicated member of a youth ExoBall club, was able to easily prove in the JAF that he had the agility and skill to go far. While he was serving in the JAF, Orin began to study medicine, his choice of study was something he got from his mothers side, she cared for people, and this kind of rubbed off on him. Being successful at both meant he had several options for his future. This would ultimately lead Orin to joining the Solar Cross. This was an opportunity for him to see the solar system and further enhance his medical training. When he was recruited, the Solar Cross were certainly interested in his Exo-Piloting background, as some Solar Cross missions require the use of one. After serving some time with the Solar cross, he found that they favoured medics with a background beyond medicine. This was no surprise as there were a number of emergency situations that required a multitude of skills, and to send fewer persons to handle it would be less of a strain on staffing.

A number of years later, the Solar Cross vessel he was serving on received word of a serious incident on Elysee. Orin immediately went to the Head Doctor and demanded he be a part of the search and rescue operation to provide aid. The request was granted and when he arrived, he was completely devastated. There were no survivors of his former squadron “Home Guard”. All of them he served with and considered them friends, loyal, trustworthy, patriots…without question. The idea of an attack on Elysee began to burn within him. As he was treating the wounded, he was able to ascertain bits and pieces of what happened, and found out that his friend and former comrade, Carl DeMers last act was to alert the Jovian Forces of the attack. This was, in Orin’s mind, very typical of Carl. He was as dedicated to his nation as anyone and would give his last breath to protect it. Ultimately, Orin’s heart began to change but his personality remains the same. Caring, understanding and loyal to those he cares about, and towards those he feel are innocent. In his heart however, anyone who would attack his nation, or those he cares about will certainly regret that action….immediately.

Orin Bryce

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